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  • National Protocol

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    Revision: C Effective Date: March 18, 2014   Introduction:      The intent of this document is to give you a brief overview of the structure and philosophy of the traditional Motorcycle Club (MC).  The...
  • QUICK TIPS: MSF’s Guide to Group Riding

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    Motorcycling is primarily a solo activity, but for many, riding as a group – whether with friends on a Sunday morning ride or with an organized motorcycle rally – is the epitome of the motorcycling experience. Here are some tips to help...
  • QUICK TIPS: General Guidelines For Riding A Motorcycle Safely

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    Be Visible: Remember that motorists often have trouble seeing motorcycles.   Make sure your headlight works and is on day and night.   Use reflective strips or decals on your clothing and on your...
  • CVMA Texas ByLaws

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      CVMA TEXAS STATE BYLAWS   Table of Contents Article 1: Offices Article 2: Purpose Article 3: Membership Article 4: Meetings Article 5: Directors Article 6: Officers Article 7 Miscellaneous Article 8...
  • CVMA National Bylaws

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    Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association     By-Laws Revision O Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 6/3/2017 Table of Contents Article 1: Name and Emblem 3 Article 2: Objectives 4 Article 3: Membership 5 Article 4:...

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